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Welcome to my garden pages!

If you want your garden to be build or regularly tended in Helsinki area, you are in the right place!

Background: My name is Bruno Aminoff and I live in a one-family house in my family’s old farm with my Granny who has dementia and for whom I used to cook and make daily company. The surrounding old apple tree garden and my former interest of timber sculpture (see my animal head knives in my photos in Puutyöt-gallery) inspired me to take this “Malus Domestica” to be my company name. Not forgetting the fact that these trees from 1930’s still produce every second year some hundreds kilos of apples, these apples I squeeze and bottle, this is how we started and joined these pop up markets with my mother. Marketing season for me is therefore autumn, and you could expect me to be at Teurastamo (Eastern Helsinki) when we organic and near food producers with Aira Sevon from Gobbas Gård organize the markets!

I have studied at Omnia Espoo and became garden artisan 2010. Before this I worked at Arboretum at the University of Bergen and during my education at Omnia I made several different practices at private landscaping companies, such as at Puutarhapalvelu Hannonen, Billnäsin taimisto Arja Aminoff, and at Hvittorp mansion.

My design: See my own garden designs and execution in my photo album, especially the slate garden works.

I have my own lorry and two own loaders (fairly new Giant, which is small enough for small yard buildings) and another digger (Volvo) that is my caterpillar track, as seen in the photo gallery.

Tax deductions: You can take advantage of the 45 % tax deduction in Finland for all the work done for a home garden, this has been in 2012 from max 2000 € / person. If there is a couple then it is 2 times 2000 €.

If the final sum is 4000 €, first subtract from the final work sum 100 € and then in this case this is 3900 €, from which 45 % is 1755 €. So you would pay 2145 € eventually when the deduction will be accepted.

Prices: Do not hesitate to call me and ask for a price of the garden works! I build gardens by giving an offer of the specified work, my design plan costs 120 € (including VAT) and also do any kind of garden works on hour basis (35 € / h, this includes VAT). For the work with machines I charge 50 €/h and with my lorry 100 €/h.

Contact information: Bruno Aminoff

Tel: 044-298 0879

Email: aminoffbruno081 (at)